Attune Necklace - Pyrite ~ Creativity & Confidence

Attune Necklace - Pyrite ~ Creativity & Confidence


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Please note that the photographs are an example only. Due to the nature of natural gemstones each necklace will vary slightly and therefore be unique.

Affirmations to use with this tool:

"Divine Inspiration flows through me as I let go and allow."

"I stand in my power and embrace the lioness within".

Attune - Pyrite This vibration supports you to:

  • shift your energies towards a positive vibration and embrace your innate potential, gifts and unleash your creativity.
  • re-attune to the creative flow and manifest what you desire from life.
  • strengthen your boundaries and assertiveness helping to galvanise your auric field against external energies and focus on your own.
  • stand in your power with confidence.

Crystals radiate pure vibrations of energy that are inherently harmonious and in perfect balance. We can think of different crystals as physical records of perfect vibrations originally coded within our own crystalline bodies. Their gift to us is the ability to act like a tuning fork, holding that perfect vibration and helping our bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) to re-attune with our original harmonious vibrations.


Dimensions: Please see image 4 to get an idea of how the attune necklace sits when worn. Necklace measures approx. 50 cm (19.5 inches).

Necklace adjustment: We can shorten the necklace to a length of your choice free of charge please let us know by email

Materials: Faceted Pyrite and sterling silver.