Attune Necklace - Amethyst ~ Trust & Intuition

ATTUNE: Amethyst ~ Trust & Intuition


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Please note that the photographs are an example only. Due to the nature of natural gemstones each necklace will vary slightly and therefore be unique.


Affirmations to use with this tool:

"I trust and honour my intuition and inner compass."

"I trust that I have all the answers within me, all I need do is pause and listen."


Attune - Amethyst This vibration supports you to:

  • transmute pain and grief helping you to re-attune with a sense of inner trust, calm and peace of mind.
  • galvanise your energy field creating strong boundaries from external influences.
  • align strongly with source and earth helping amplify your intuition.


Crystals radiate pure vibrations of energy that are inherently harmonious and in perfect balance. We can think of different crystals as physical records of perfect vibrations originally coded within our own crystalline bodies. Their gift to us is the ability to act like a tuning fork, holding that perfect vibration and helping our bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) to re-attune with our original harmonious vibrations.


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Materials: Faceted Amethyst and sterling silver.