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"The beauty, simplicity and power of my Love is Your Compass Pyrite Attune necklace is astounding. When I wear it I not only feel aligned, but also guided and protected.

The most incredible situations have manifested themselves since it chose me and I'm truly grateful that these wonderful women are using their gifts to birth these beautiful treasures into the world."

Adele - vegiehead


Pathfinder Wolves

"Each Pathfinder is unique, hand-carved crystal, assigned a specific name and channelled message which acts as a healing activation to support the wearer to embody that energy into themselves.

Wow! Amazing hey? I really have never come across anything like them. Whenever I wear my wolf I literally get stopped in the street by people asking me where I got it from."

Sara - space in between


Heart Centred Living Print

"I was immediately drawn to these ladies, as though we already knew each other, so when I read their Manifesto, it was as if someone had written the words my soul wanted to say.

I have one on my bedside table, and one in my studio, sharing the beautiful energy that is LiYC, and feeling so supported by these two incredible beings. Forever grateful for this connection."

Natalie - kindred toxin free facials